Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Hop, Skip and a Jump to Filgrave Reading Room

Olney and Filgrave's location
From Olney, we will be making the short journey to Filgrave, located just above Newport Pagnell in the parish of Tyringham and Filgrave. Whilst here we will be stopping at the local school, which plays an important role in the lives of the local villagers.

At the beginning of the 20th Century Mr and Mrs Frederick Konig set up a charitable trust to build a school for the children of Tyringham and Filgrave, who were, at the time, having to walk across the fields to school in Emberton. A reading room was included in the school building for the use of the parishoners of Tyringham and Filgrave. In addition the children had “the provision of milk (winter), boots and stockings (Christmas), green and black caps or hat ribbons for children attending the school and such other charitable purpose as the Trustees decide.”

The building continued to be used as a village school until its closure in the 1980s.

Today the building is maintained by The De Chappuis Konig Charity and is once again used for educational purposes, being leased to a private nursery.

As is tradition the school has only ever been leased out in condition that the Reading Room is available to the residents of Tyringham and Filgrave. Over the years it has been used for village meetings, parish meetings, mother and toddler groups, whilst drives, jumble sales and various organisations and events are able to use the space free of charge.

With no village hall or local shop, the residents of Tyringham and Filgrave rely on the Reading Room to hold village events that would otherwise be lost, along with the community atmosphere that is cherished by so many.

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